Complex contracts
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Hevi is an AI platform that makes it easy for project teams to properly administer contracts
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Everyone on site plays a role in administering contracts...

...but contracts are complex, and project teams are not lawyers  


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Chat with AI that knows your contracts

  • Find instant answers in plain English
  • Generate draft correspondence
  • Search contracts, regulations, manuals, specifications, procedures and more
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Monitor diaries and correspondence with AI

  • Collect diaries with easy mobile forms
  • Email in daily reports, letters and more
  • Get instant AI reviews and alerts based on your contract
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Manage contract processes with smart workflows

  • Get notified to avoid missing time bars
  • Track all contractual tasks in one place
  • Retain information when people leave
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Gain visibility into contract health

  • Track and follow up overdue tasks
  • Aggregate claim data into dashboards
  • Avoid unexpected liabilities at project completion
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Our supervisors don't know the contract well, so they often don't flag things until it's too late


Mining and construction projects run on complex contracts


Save hours of time reading through documentation

Find instant answers from documents like contracts, regulations, procedures and maintenance manuals

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A mining haul truck
Civil construction

Prevent rework by properly following the specifications

Empower engineers and supervisors with a tool that helps them properly follow the specifications and get it right first time

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Civil engineering equipment building a new road
Building construction

Avoid mistakes administering project contracts

Ensure contract processes are properly followed to prevent costly mistakes and avoid disputes

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Industrial construction

Streamline contract validation during tender

Quickly check draft contracts for key clauses like indemnifications, performance guarantees or consequential loss

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