Contract certainty made simple

Hevi is a software platform that makes it easy for teams to manage and administer contracts
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Site teams play a key role in managing contracts, but are not lawyers

Poor contract administration can cost millions on every project

Hevi AI

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Chat with AI that knows your contract

  • Find instant answers
  • Make better informed decisions on site
  • Flag issues before it's too late
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Simplify answers with one click

  • Type or speak in everyday language
  • Press "Simplify" to translate legalese to plain English
  • Quickly access raw documents for the formal wording if required
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Manage large projects and teams

  • Organise contracts and subcontracts across all your projects
  • Set organisation user permissions
  • Integrate with Hevi Contract Management Platform
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Contract Management Platform

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Smart flowcharts automate contract processes

  • Turn complex processes into easy charts
  • Automatically trigger tasks and notifications from each step
  • Track who needs to do what by when
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Contract diaries help flag potential claims

  • Send daily prompts that can be completed on any device without login
  • Keep the contract front of mind
  • Central source of project history
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A screenshot of the Hevi Platform Dashboards

Claim management enables tracking and reporting

  • Streamline site and office collaboration
  • Record activity in a single source of truth
  • View dashboards with approved, expected and disputed amounts
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Frontline leaders make commercial decisions everyday, but how many actually understand the contract?


Contract management is critical for mining and construction projects


Reduce project risk with a record of all contract activity

Protect against disputes by storing a full history on all issues that were claimed or not claimed throughout the project

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A mining haul truck
Civil construction

Keep track of active claims to ensure they are invoiced

Avoid missing out on claims and extensions when key people leave or partial claims are disputed

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Civil engineering equipment building a new road
Commercial construction

Improve profit margins across all projects

Ensure contract processes are properly followed to maximise profitability while reducing risk

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Industrial construction

Don't let contract administration slow you down

Give all personnel a clear understanding of contract process steps so they can focus on delivering the project at hand

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