No more missed or rejected claims

Hevi is a software platform that makes it easy for project teams to properly follow contract processes

Site teams play a key role in managing contracts, but are not lawyers

Missed and rejected claims can cost millions on every project


Smart flowcharts automate contract processes

  • Turn complex processes into easy charts
  • Automatically trigger tasks and notifications from each step
  • Track who needs to do what by when
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Contract diaries help flag potential claims

  • Send daily prompts that can be completed on any device without login
  • Keep the contract front of mind
  • Automatically flag claims with AI
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Claim management enables tracking and reporting

  • Streamline site and office collaboration
  • Record activity in a single source of truth
  • View dashboards with approved, expected and disputed amounts
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Contract management is critical for mining and construction projects


Reduce project risk with a record of all contract activity

Protect against disputes by storing a full history on all issues that were claimed or not claimed throughout the project

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Civil construction

Keep track of active claims to ensure they are invoiced

Avoid missing out on claims and extensions when key people leave or partial claims are disputed

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Commercial construction

Improve profit margins across all projects

Ensure contract processes are properly followed to receive all claims that you are entitled to

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Industrial construction

Don't let contract administration slow you down

Give site engineers a clear understanding of contract process steps so they can focus on delivering the project at hand

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