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Product Spotlight - Claim Management System

Brad Gyngell

Today, most claims and variations are tracked in excel registers stored on shared drives

While this is quick to set up, it comes with quite a few limitations:

  • The only information that gets stored tends to be what fits inside a cell in a spreadsheet.
  • You have to open the document to see if things are assigned to you.
  • Data can’t be aggregated into dashboards to provide management transparency.

Everything else on site has a purpose-built platform, so why not commercials? Can you imagine if safety issues were tracked this way?

Hevi provides a fit-for-purpose system for managing contract claims

A full history of all information including documents, tasks, notes and diary entries can all be stored against each case.

Case management system tracks all claim information in one place

Interactive workflows send automated emails for tasks and reminders so everyone knows what they need to do by when.

A screenshot of a flowchart in the Hevi workflow section of the Case management system
Interactive flowcharts alert users when they need to take action

Managers can view dashboards to check the commercial health of a contract, a client or a region. They can also see what tasks are outstanding and who they are sitting with.

A screenshot of the Hevi Dashboard showing 5 cards with values for Submitted, Expected, Approved, In Progress and Rejected
Dashboards aggregate data across contracts

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A headshot of Brad Gyngell
Brad Gyngell
Co-founder & CEO
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Paul Culvenor

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