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Product Spotlight - Contract Diary

Brad Gyngell

Today, it's difficult for commercial/legal teams to stay across everything happening on site

  • People don't flag issues until it's too late
  • People don't keep good enough records
  • People leave with a lot of information in their heads

All these things result in lost margin for contractors when claims are missed or time barred. They also build greater and greater commercial risk over time, as the amount of missed evidence compounds.

Hevi's Contract Diary streamlines collaboration between site and head office

Users receive a daily prompt to complete a 5-minute survey on contract issues. It can be filled out on mobile or desktop and can be done all at once or progressively throughout the day. Users can upload photos / documents and link diary entries directly to relevant claims.

The contract diary is fully integrated with the Hevi claim management system so records are automatically connected to cases and progress claims.

Commercial teams can check to make sure everyone is completing their diaries. They can easily scan through the entries to find things that have been flagged for attention. There is no more waiting for site teams to email in issues.

Hevi's contract diaries make it easy to be contractually robust:

  • build contract awareness on site, similar to Take-5s for safety
  • prevent issues being missed or flagged too late
  • ensure evidence is recorded to protect in case of dispute

We conduct daily check ins for safety and production, so why would we not check in on the part of the job that gets us paid?

Drop us a message and see how we can help you!

A headshot of Brad Gyngell
Brad Gyngell
Co-founder & CEO
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Paul Culvenor

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