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Frequently asked questions

What types of documents can Hevi AI read?

Hevi AI can read scanned / image PDF documents as well as searchable PDF documents. It uses AI-powered Optical Character Recognition to interpret text from images.

Hevi AI only accepts PDF documents, so to use a Microsoft Word (.docx) document we recommend saving or printing to PDF and then uploading that file.

Can I use Hevi AI across my entire project or business?

Yes, Hevi is set up to support hundreds or thousands of users collaborating across multiple projects and multiple contracts.

Can I set different permissions for different users?

Yes, Hevi has a User Management System which allows you to assign roles to users with different permission levels. For example, you can restrict certain users from downloading raw contract documents or from accessing certain projects.

Can I cancel my Hevi subscription at any time?

Yes, Hevi has no lock-in contract and no minimum term so you can cancel at any time. Your service will continue until the end of the month for which you have paid.

How does Hevi ensure Data Privacy and Security?

We know that we are handling sensitive information and have therefore implemented robust controls to ensure the privacy and security of our customers' data.

Our application and database is hosted on Microsoft Azure to take advantage of its unparalleled built-in security services.

User authentication is all managed through the industry-leading external provider Auth0 and works through Single Sign-On. This means users log on through Office 365 and we do not store or manage any log in information.

Data communicated to external APIs is fully encrypted during transfer using TLS and is not stored after processing. We only use external API services from global Tier 1 technology companies that we have validated as fully compliant with all relevant information security protocols.

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